Monday, January 28, 2008

Military Gets a Raise..So Do Government Employees

Good Morning,
I trust your weekend was as good as mine. Today, let's talk a little bit about money. This month all government employees will(should) see a small raise on their paychecks. Will you? So will the military. You see, when the military gets a raise so do government employees. Just another one of the many benefits there are in the federal system.
Will it be a big raise? No. Only 3% +/-. Of course, that's better than NOT getting a raise right?
While we are on the subject of raises let me tell you that not only is there a slight raise in pay but that slight raise also makes a difference in the PROJECTED retirement amounts, raises the amount of TSP dollars that the government matches when you contribute, and also changes any life insurance amounts your family would get.
So there are many spider web benefits that come with getting a raise as a federal employee.
That's all for that subject today. See you tomorrow.


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