Thursday, January 24, 2008

College Education Counts

That’s right…most of you think that you have to have some type of military experience to get a government job. Not true in a lot of cases.

Does it help? Yes. There are leadership skills learned in all branches of the military that aren’t learned in the civilian sector until much later in life.

Do you need it specifically for getting a government job? No. Most times in today’s society all you need is a degree from a university.

When you look at the federal job announcements all of them have a Qualifications block where the word “education can be substituted for experience”.

So no matter what your endeavors are in the world of Federal government you have an equal shot at employment.

That’s all for today. More tomorrow.

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TOLEEGO said...

This is exactly what me and you talked about yesterday! Most people do think that an education isn't enough, that they need experience. And that is just not true! Good topic today!

Will said...

Although I currently am not in need of the e-Book, the website, (which is where you can purchase the book), did catch my eye. As of now I am 18 years old and the future is something that I need to plan for, and a government job seems like a solid route to take. I took the time to check out other similar websites as the one listed above but they just were not as effective in their approach to give significant information. Mr. Simpson definitely knows his stuff and makes it evident at his website.

Michael said...

What about persons taking both the military and education routes consecutively? I know this may sound like a dumb question, but are there 'restricted' gov't jobs that one needs both their experience from the military and a college (or beyond) education? Since education can supplement experience in an application, it seems to me that I can be more marketable having both under my belt.

govtjobsecretsguru said...

Very good point. You are of course right in the "hiring manager" sense. Take a broader look though at the word 'restriction'. Once elaborated on and defined or broken down, you have to decipher the type of restriction required and then catalog yourself from that point forward. You must always remember also that experience in certain areas is more favored than education. Not to say that one is not equal to the other, just that for certain job requirement one may be more needed than the other.