Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Federal Government is always hiring

Federal Government Job Secrets

The Federal Government is always hiring! Many people don’t know about it but often wonder how they could get a position with the Federal Government. I know! I used to be one of those people.
Then I uncovered the secrets to getting a Government job. For almost 13 years I spent every evening in front of the computer applying for this job and that job and about 15 others and always receiving the same result. Not qualified! Not selected! Do not possess the proper qualifications! Wow!
I thought I had really done my research and was applying for these positions the right way. Boy was I wrong! I even talked to current Federal employees trying to get information from them about how they got their jobs trying to get some information on what I was doing different from other people that I knew were getting hired. Needless to say, I didn’t get much information from them.
I started wondering to myself “there has got to be some kind of secret to this”.
So I started really digging in and changed the depth of my research until I finally got some answers. Answers that really took me somewhere and made me realize that I had been going about this Federal Government hiring process all wrong.
I had a resume. I was fully qualified (I thought) for all the jobs I had applied for. I was a self-starter, motivated, smart, and completely ready to get one of these mythical jobs. I just wasn’t putting it all together the right way.
That is how Secrets to Getting a Government Job was created. I had decided that someone had to do something to help others get a job with the Federal Government. I simply compiled the 13 years of research into a 22 page step-by-step guide which outlines the difficult and demoralizing process of getting hired into the Federal Government.
Once I had these secrets firmly in order of importance I decided to test them on myself. To make a long story short, I did and was successfully hired within 2 months of applying. Skeptical? In disbelief? You bet I was. So I decided to test it on some others and see if the result was going to be the same. It was.
At this point I knew that I had really uncovered something wonderful. Something that could potentially help thousands of people who thought they were doing what was right in their quest for a job within the Federal Government.
I decided to put it in digital format and created a website so I could offer it to as many people as possible. This system and the secrets contained within work. I mean really perform wonderfully.
There are many websites out there that claim to get you a Federal position. I DON’T. I simply promise that if you follow the secrets contained in my ebook step-by-step that you have a much greater chance of getting hired due to the secrets that I have revealed. I know for a fact that if you follow these secrets your application will be submitted properly, in the right place, and in the format the Federal Government requires. I can also state that if the steps in this ebook are followed properly that you will discover attributes about yourself that you never knew you had. And these will be used to your benefit during the hiring process.
My name is Mike Simpson. I am a current Federal employee only because of these secrets, tips, and techniques that took me so long to learn and apply properly. If you’re interested you can learn about these secrets in a couple of different ways. Visit, visit my blog at
Or email me at with any questions.