Sunday, November 30, 2008

Been gone for a while

Hi everyone.
My apologies for not keeping this blog updated as I should. My "work" has caused me to be out of the net for a while. At any rate I'm back now so I thought I'd write a little article on the stuff I have learned over the past few months.

First: Always be prepared to accept greater levels of responsibility when working for the Federal Government. Sometimes you might be asked to 'help' out in other areas that you might have expertise in.

Second: Never assume that those positions that were above you will always be there. Stuff happens.

Third: Always, always, always crosstrain yourself on positions that are both above and below yours. You never know when you might have to perform the duties of one of those positions.

Fourth: Remember to have a plan A thru C in place just in case you are pulled away to another location for an extended period of time. This way your own operation doesn't suffer due to your absence.

That's all for today. Will get back here this week sometime with some more useful information.