Monday, February 23, 2009

Get The Guide...Get The Job

Your Federal Resume is unlike any other resume that you have ever done. There are elements of it that specifically point out attributes about you that the Office of Personnel Management is interested in. It is unlike your regular resume that we have all used in what I call the ‘civilian sector’. There are areas of a Federal resume that are completely different. In other words there isn’t any beating around the bush with a Federal resume. Everything listed on that resume is straightforward, to the point, and very no nonsense. For example:
Military Service
Campaign Badges
Veterans preference
Awards and Decorations

While these things may be listed on a regular resume they might not hold the same meaning as they do on a Federal resume. Thus bringing forth the need for honesty, complete disclosure, and a high regard for the simplistic nature of proper wording in the proper places.
These are just a few elements outlined in a Federal resume. There are many others. In order to get it right the first time you need help. You need an insiders closely guarded secrets. If you want to get those secrets for yourself visit

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